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Want to create your own AI Tools?

Thinkalo utilizes the no-code platform Formwise to transform teaching prompts into AI-powered forms.

With Formwise, you too can create AI tools tailored to your school's teaching methodologies and your individual pedagogical practices.

Create AI Powered Tools - No Coding Needed!


Curriculum-Aligned Responses
Upload your syllabus and planning documents, and let AI produce responses that align seamlessly with your curriculum.


Prompt Chaining
Generate multiple teaching and learning resources at the click of a button with prompt chaining.


Personalised Learning
Design AI tools that adapt to each student’s learning style and pace.


Share and Monetise
Embed AI tools on your website or share in the Formwise Marketplace.


Choose the perfect plan for your educational needs.

Whether you are an individual educator, or part of a large institution, they have plans tailored to your needs.


Get FREE Access to Formwise for seven days. This includes:


  • Thinkalo's Formwise AI tool templates for FREE, like our lesson planner and everyday teaching tools! 

  • A 15 minute one-on-one meeting with the creators of Formwise to help get you started.  

To claim this exclusive offer, sign up to Formwise via the link below. Then, email and let us know your Formwise user name.


Full Disclosure: Thinkalo is a Formwise affiliate, and this partnership helps to keep Thinkalo free. 

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