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Experience Thinkalo's NEW All-in-One Lesson Planner

Thinkalo's All-in-One Lesson Planner is here to power up your teaching

With Thinkalo's All-in-One Lesson Planner, creating engaging and effective lessons has never been easier. Simply answer six simple questions about the lesson you want to create, and watch as this intelligent tool works its magic.

Watch our real-time video demonstration to see how simple and efficient Thinkalo's All-in-One Lesson Planner is.

Here's what it automatically generates:

  1. ASOT Learning Goal and Success Criteria: These clearly define what you aim to achieve in your lesson and provide measurable targets for your students' progress.

  2. Customized Lesson Plan: Tailored to your teaching preferences, you have the freedom to choose your pedagogical strategies and lesson plan structures/models. The Lesson Planner then generates a comprehensive lesson plan that aligns with your chosen approach. It includes extension activity ideas to challenge your students, homework suggestions, and differentiation strategies to cater to diverse learning needs.

  3. Student-Friendly PowerPoint Script: To ensure seamless delivery of your lesson, Thinkalo's Lesson Planner generates a student-friendly PowerPoint script that follows the content and flow of your lesson. This script simplifies complex concepts and provides explicit instructions, making it easier for your students to understand and engage with the learning material.

  4. Interactive Multiple Choice Quiz: Assessing student comprehension becomes a breeze with the Lesson Planner's built-in multiple-choice quiz feature. It automatically generates a quiz based on your lesson, complete with answer options. This helps you gauge your students' understanding while providing an interactive and engaging learning experience.

  5. Age-Appropriate Analogies: Enhance student engagement and comprehension with age-appropriate analogy. The Lesson Planner generates an analogy related to your lesson topic, making it easier for students to grasp abstract or complex concepts, by relating them to familiar and relatable examples.

  6. Lesson Script: In addition to the PowerPoint script, Thinkalo's Lesson Planner now includes a lesson script feature. This script provides a detailed lesson narrative, guiding you through each step and helping you maintain a smooth and coherent flow throughout your teaching.

  7. Graphic Organizer Ideas: To enhance visual learning and promote better organization of ideas, the Lesson Planner suggests graphic organizer ideas that are relevant to your lesson. These visual aids help students visualize concepts, make connections, and organize information in a structured and comprehensible manner.

  8. Reflect Questions for Deeper Understanding: To encourage critical thinking and facilitate deeper understanding, the Lesson Planner provides reflection questions. These questions can be used at the end of the lesson or assigned as homework to prompt students to reflect on what they have learned, reinforcing their knowledge and encouraging thoughtful insights.

We understand that students progress at different cognitive levels, which is why the Lesson Planner allows you to differentiate materials by creating individual lessons tailored to students of different ages.

The best part? Thinkalo is offering FREE access to all its AI tools, including the All-in-One Lesson Planner, until June 1st. No credit card sign-up is required, making it even easier for you to experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

Take control of your lesson planning and elevate your teaching to new heights with Thinkalo's All-in-One Lesson Planner. Try it today and witness the transformation in your classroom.

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