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Want to make your own AI tools?

At Thinkalo, we use the Formwise platform to customise and create our own AI tools. It is a no-code platform that enables teachers to create their own AI tools. This user-friendly platform offers a suite of features you can adapt for educational purposes, including the possibility for curriculum aligned responses, sophisticated prompt chaining and toolset creation.

Educators or schools can integrate these AI tools into their existing websites, opt to share or sell them through the Formwise marketplace. This flexibility not only expands the reach of these tools, but fosters a collaborative community of educators and learners.

If you are interested in a 7 day free trial of Formwise, accompanied by a 15 minute one-on-one onboard/training session, please visit the Formwise website.

To read more about Formwise, please visit Thinkalo: Make Your Own AI Tools

Full Disclosure: Thinkalo is a Formwise affiliate, and this partnership helps to keep Thinkalo free. :)

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