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We've Just Launched 6 NEW AI tools for your everyday teaching!

Updated: Jul 6

Thinkalo has just designed an innovative suite of everyday teaching tools to empower busy educators. We equipped our Everyday Teaching Suite with six advanced AI generators, with an ongoing commitment to expanding and refining the platform based on user feedback and emerging educational needs. These AI generators have been crafted to address those moments during the day where you need to find quality educational resources and content, fast!

With the Thinkalo everyday teaching suite, you'll not only navigate your busy day with ease but also elevate your teaching prowess, inspiring your students and fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment. Stay tuned for the exciting new additions to our AI generator lineup, as we continue to harness the power of AI.

The everyday teaching suite is available to all subscribers on Thinkalo's Lesson Wizard plan. To try them free for seven days, subscribe here!

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